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As another year draws to a close and we move into celebration mode, this is a good time to remind ourselves to celebrate our successes. Many of us don't do this anywhere enough.

We seem hardwired to focus on our mistakes and failures. It is often easier to rattle off these than our wins. And this has an impact on our efficacy and self-worth over time. We can excuse this as not wanting to blow our own horns. Unless we possess destructive narcissistic tendencies, we can all do with learning to blow our own horns more, at least to ourselves. Recognising and celebrating our successes can be affirming and uplifting, especially if we have had a difficult year filled with challenges

Some problem solving methods actually include a celebration step, but these are far and few in between.

When you have a moment over the next fortnight, consider taking a moment to write a list of your successes.

Have a safe and happy end of 2021!