The Surprising Benefit Of Going Through Hard Times is a positive article on thriving after traumatic events.

A common traumatic event many working professional face is being the target of a manager, colleague, business partner who has APD (anti-social personality disorder), or NPD (narcissistic personality disorder), or who are abusive bullies.

The psychological fallout from these abusive encounters cannot be understated. Suicidal thoughts and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) can be the result of sustained violence.

Encountering such destructive personalities “can shake the foundations of identity, self, values, beliefs and of meaning in our lives.” They can decimate our sense of self and our worldview. We may no longer feel confident, capable, or safe.

It is good to remember that with time, and support from mental health professionals as well as family and friends, we can eventually get to a point where we can rebuild our identity and workdview.

“Rebuilding can be an incredibly challenging process ... it can be grueling, excruciating, and exhausting. But it can open a door to a new life. The trauma survivor begins to see herself as a thriver and revises her self-definition to accommodate her new strength and wisdom.”