The Internet gives us all a global voice like no other technology before it. We just don't know who we may move with our stories, our thoughts, our comments, or our presence/work.

Our individual voices matter; to the people they need to matter to.

It may be much harder to get noticed on a global stage. Expecting overnight fame from a blog or instagram feed is unrealistic for the vast majority of us.
But when we do get noticed, when our words resonated with the right people, the impact we can make can be profound.

Like the story of the child throwing stranded sea stars back into the sea one at a time. The act may not make any significant dent to the masses of stranded stars, but it sure makes a profound difference to the ones that did get thrown back to safety.

We need to be more conscious of the potential of our individual voices, and not discount or unnecessarily censor ourselves.

Want proof of the power of voices in the Internet? Just look how Internet trolls spread distress and dismay. Their impact is significant enough for the New Zealand government to pass laws to combat trolling!

Image: Sea star via Shutterstock.