Problem-solving Strategising Skills

Lifeline crisis support skillApplied to consulting
Strengths-based problem solving. Keeping the power with the client. Minimal directives. More empowering, more supportive, more encouraging.Leverage what is already working well, build on successes, support and encourage people: these approaches work both practically and psychologically.
Collaboratively develop coping skills and actions. More facilitative and less directive (except where risk is present.)Co-design and co-planning with the client leverage their industry knowledge, their people's creativity, and build buy-in from the ground up.
Check actions and plans for practicality and sustainability. The client must be able to (and believe that they are able to) carry out the plans.A truly sustainable solution is one that can be initiated by the client, and maintained by them with realistic and sustainable resources. The client must also believe their ability to act on the solution.
Present-grounded and future-focused. Not on the past, blame, excuses.Business strategies are by definition future-focused. An agile organisation cannot afford to spend too much time in the past.
Synthesising meaning and insights on the go. Active listening and active analysis at the same time. The power of reframing situations.The more time spent with a client, the more pieces of the puzzle will appear. the ability to actively derive meaning and insights without have all the pieces in place first can greatly expedite projects.
Check safety of the caller, and the people around them. Are they a danger to themselves and/or to others? Maintaining confidentiality.Being consistently mindful of ethics, social responsibilities, information security and legal compliance. Look out for the safety of people and of the organisation during the design and implementation of the solution.