I'll be in Europe next week!

I am taking stock of the first 20 years of my work life, reviewing each of my experience and skills critically. It feels like more than 20 years!

Part of this review is the drive to get out into the wider world, to meet new people doing interesting things. Especially if their calling lies in the overlap areas between design, applied psychology, information technology and business.

I am hoping to answer these questions:

  1. How can I reinvigorate and recombine my experience and skills in brand new ways, so as to better power the next phase of my work?
  2. What is the next phase of my work? Where could I make the most significant impact? And what would be the most meaningful for me?

It is all too easy to be comfortable tucked away in Australia. Our world shrinks or expand to match our outlook; travelling expands that outlook.

I aim to post a thought a day on this blog during that time. I can't wait to  see where they will lead.

Do we share similar interests? Let's meet up for coffee! Emailing me a week or so in advance is best.