I have noticed that when I travel, I get into this get-it-done mentality. When something happens that I need to act upon, I just use whatever resources I have at hand and get the necessary things done.

When I am at home, however, I can deliberate and agonise over such decisions ad nauseum. Should I spend the money? Can I get this done another way? Is there a (usually marginally) cheaper option?  How many alternatives can I explore in detail first? OMG how could I have been so careless?! Etc. All before actually taking any action.

No action means no outcomes. Nothing is invested or achieved. Nothing is risked or gained.

Most decisions simply do not warrant the amount of thinking we can typically invest in them. Most decisions simply need to be made and acted upon.

What if we took this action-outcome-focused approach to our everyday lives? Imagine how much more effective we would be! How much less agony we would inflict upon ourselves.

(No, I have not missed a flight nor lost a credit card.)

Image: Done stamp via Shutterstock.