This is a follow-up on my post about MaryEllen Tribby's excellent Success Indicators. Here's my version of MaryEllen's Success Indicators.

Successful People

Unsuccessful People

Sense of gratitude

Sense of entitlement

Inspires respect

Demands respect

Exude joy and enthusiasm

Exude anger and fear

Embrace change and differences

Fear change and differences

Active learner (eg reading)

Passive consumer (TV)

Self-reflective (eg journaling)


Unwavering ideals and values

Malleable ideals and values

Long term goals and life plans

Short term, often vainglorious plans

Forgive and seek resolution in conflicts

Hold grudges and seek revenge

Value themselves and others equally

Value only themselves; or only others (martyr syndrome)

Accept responsibility for own mistakes

Blame others for everything (victim)

Give credit readily and genuinely

Take all the credit; with hubris

Talk about ideas

Talk about people

Share ideas, information and data

Horde ideas, information and data

Willing to learn from others; being right is not important

Think they know it all; has to be right every time

Want others to succeed

Want others to fail

Compliment others to build them up

Criticize others to cut them down

Empathetic and open

Quick to judge and dismiss others

Focus on contributing and making a difference (transformational)

Focus on personal gain and profit (transactional)

Embrace hard work; get off on working smart

Avoid hard work; get off on cheating

Focus on the work; get things done

Perception over substance; create the illusion of getting things done (eg lying on CV)

What do you think?