I had a great day at TEDxPerth recently. Until I got inspiration fatigue towards the end.

Inspiration is great. But inspiration alone is not generative. it does not produce any outcomes. Actions are what matter. So what is the conversion rate from inspiration to action?

The day provided interesting topics to think about - from superstition to shark-confusing wetsuits. It also provided a unique opportunity to witness passion-driven individuals and how they work across a diverse range of industries.

But after the event, have I converted any inspirations into actual actions? I’m slighgtly ashamed to say no. Unless we count this blog post...

I am guessing I am like most people out there. We get inspired and moved by a story, by someone’s actions, and at that point in time we really truly genuinely felt inspired to act on something that matters to us, with our skills and passions.

But we don’t. Because life and work get in the way, and the inspiration fades into the distance.

We could consciously set aside time to work on our inspirations. And its does work to come extent for me. Although inevitably the initial fire of the moment is lost.

How do you up your inspiration to action conversion rate?