As a designer, I often get crap for not using a Mac; as if it is the only option.

Sorry, I don’t need some “correctly branded” piece of technology to bolster my credentials or self esteem!

What I need is a solid, reliable, droppable, scratch-resistant workhorse; backed up by a reliable customer service process and a non-“religious” user community; one that connects to common peripherals without adaptors, and comes with common, interchangeable accessories and connectors that I can continue to use for years. And I want an ecosystem that has more than one manufacturer in it. So I have real choice. And no single manufacturer can hold me to ransom.

Apple makes (perfectly good) trendy lifestyle and computing devices. As such they change their products regularly and often dramatically to keep up with the latest and greatest. And this works really well for them. Good for them.

But not for me. So no, I don’t use any Apple gear.