In The Power Of Intention – Learning To Co-Create Your World Your Way, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer wrote about the six primary ingredients of ego:

  1. I am what I have.
  2. I am what I do.
  3. I am what others think of me.
  4. I am separate from everyone.
  5. I am separate from all that is missing in my life.
  6. I am separate from God.

Organisations have collective egos as well. I have adapted the six ingredients for organisations below:

  1. I am my assets.
  2. I am my strategies and operations.
  3. I am my brand.
  4. I am separate from other organisations.
  5. I am separate from my weaknesses and shortcomings.
  6. I am separate from humanity and the wider community.

How can leaders use these to reduce or temper the egos of organisations?

Ego can hamper us from perceiving a situation with clarity. Without clear understanding, appropriate solution formulation and decision making are thus that much harder.