One of the recurring sources of frustration in life seems to be our desire to change other people, and the futility of all such attempts.
Changing people when they don’t want to change is like herding cats. Everyone involved ends up being frustrated (and sometimes bloodied!)

In my work as a consultant and a crisis supporter/counsellor, I regularly encounter both types of people: those who are open to (and ready for) change, or those who just want their current situation affirmed.

There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with either situation. We all reach awareness and approach change at different rates. It just is.

Learning to recognise when someone is not ready for change (innovation) can save everyone a lot of grief. It means taking a different approach towards problem solving; perhaps with less pushing of envelopes, and more affirming of existing challenges with more emphasis on “fixing” rather than dreaming.

Similarly, if we know someone is truly ready for change, we can afford to take a larger picture, more visionary tack; and push the envelope more.