I just got another dodgy spam offering yet another dodgy link exchange arrange because oooo my site is so not ranking well on any of the keywords they searched on - without actually saying which ones of course.

What caught my attention about this particular spam - from a Sophia Jackson of Twinlinks/Twinlinx - is how they have forged an email from me to them within the thread. As follows:

From: 'zern@eicolab.com.au'
Sent: Thursday, March 19, 2012 6:41 PM
To: Sophia Jackson [mailto:sophia.jackson@twinlinx.org]
Subject: RE: eicolab.com.au

Can you tell me more about your 3way linking program?


Clever. And stupid. Why would anyone trust a business who commits a dishonest act up-front?

Yes, I know. This is a spammer. Blocked.