Change is constant and all that – and more often than not, externally imposed. An immediately threatening situation arises, and so we make decisions, set up a course of action, and action that.

Very few organisation (or individuals), no matter how “change embracing”, will happily initiate change of their own accord. We are hard-wired to resist change and to seek comfort.

Internally driven change can occur for two reasons – as a response to a distant anticipated threat, or as an improvement, innovation, or course adjustment exercise.

The difficulty is finding the impetus to kick off this change, when we are not compelled to. When we are sitting comfortably by a fire, with our bellies full, it is hard to think about getting up and building that wall tp keep the enemy hordes at bay. Especially since they are still 3 weeks away. It isn’t surprising that many businesses respond too slowly. How many executives or committees have the courage to look within and say “Right, we’re doing it now”?

It can and is often the case of light your own fire before someone lights it for you.

Oh, the hordes are at the door now? NOW?