Spotted in Singapore: external USB hard drives that came with a full-length movie preinstalled.

This is clearly a natural extension of the free shovel-ware approach. It seems obvious now when someone’s done it doesn’t it?

In the days before the common practice of downloading movies onto hard drives, how many people would have made the leap from computer applications (ie the shovel ware) to video files?

The most obvious solution to a giveaway would have taken this train of thought:

  1. Hard drive = computer hardware.
  2. The free gift could then be computer software. What free apps can we get?

The leap comes from the realisation that video files are just digital files. A continuation of the train of thought above could be:

  1. How about other digital files like clip-art? Free pictures, sounds?
  2. Video! We have heaps of space. How about a full length movie?!

What extra leap can you make with an existing train of thought?