It is easy to take the small things for granted until they are lost forever, like losing the bees and frogs from our ecosystem. We don’t miss them until they are gone, and we suddenly realise the unexpectedly significant flow-on consequences.

Small things in our daily human interactions keep the humanity in our working relationships. Genuine expressions of appreciation and praise, paying attention to another person without interruption, trust and respect in the pursuit of shared goals in spite of the inevitable differences… all these work to foster a sense of togetherness. They help build the deep rapport that crosses the supplier-client divide turning colleagues and clients into friends.

I seem to be coming across quite a few articles lately on toxic workplaces, workplace bullying, and narcissistic sociopaths. I just wanted to balance those out with something positive.

The thing is, those with personality defects aside, most people out there are nice and good people. The bad ones get all the press because they are in a sad way more newsworthy.