Here's a part of what I wrote down recently as the vision for what I want my work to be:

My work solves worthwhile problems and enriches the lives and wellbeing of individuals; especially the forgotten, the small and the least empowered.

My work contributes to the generating and sharing of knowledge, awareness, awakening and individual empowerment. My work fights wilful ignorance, bigotry and the subjugation of the dispossessed and the powerless.

My work has rigour, substance and longevity. It leverages my skills and gifts at the most effective level.

The nature of my work is mainly consultative. I have the freedom to focus deeply on the project aspects that interest me. I enjoy an open engagement with people, possibilities and ideas.

My work is highly generative in nature – it gives voice to thoughts that subsequently transform into actions and outcomes naturally.

My passion lies in the intersection between people, technology, business and design.