The grown-up world, the world of conventional business, is so deadly serious most of the time. No wonder there is a dearth of cool ideas.

Ideas can be had from practically anyone, anywhere and in any situation. Lots of ideas cross our minds everyday, even when we are asleep. But we have been trained to quickly judge and dismiss them. So much so that even when we do want the ideas to come, they don’t appear easily in our conscious mind.

Time for retraining. To raise our awareness of the myriad of ideas that we generate as we move through the world around us. All it takes is for you to be open to them.

Playing is a way of being open to new thoughts, new insights and new possibilities. It means engaging with the world in a different way.

Make like a tourist and see everything around you as something new. Ask "why" and "why not", even of the most mundane of things. See the world again with the innocence of a child.

Keep an ideas diary. Write down every interesting thought that occurs to you without judging whether they are useful, silly, practical or crazy. The practice alone will help you become more conscious of your thoughts.