The interior fit-out of the Alessi shop at the ION shopping centre on Orchard Road, Singapore, has always struck me as odd and at-odds with the brand.

The colours are unsophisticated and rather kindergartenish. The display shelves are oddly detailed and feel unconsidered. The lighting is Seven Eleven cancer fluorescent. Maybe my impression of Alessi is completely off key all along?

An expensive glass ornaments shop a few doors down provides interesting contrast.


The lighting is subdued and focused on the objects (which are themselves completely not to my tastes). The objects have primacy of focus – as it should be. The dark interior says sophisticated and expensive much more unambiguously. We are definitely not in Seven Eleven any more.

This look may not be completely what Alessi should aim for, but I would think it comes closer than what they have now. What do you think?

Has anyone been to other Alessi stores elsewhere? What do they look like?