whatisyourlifeswork.jpgWhat Is Your Life’s Work? Answer the big question about what really matters … and reawaken the passion for what you do. By Bill Jensen. ISBN 0-06-076687-5.

The bulk of this book is filled with personal letters written by everyday individuals to their loved ones, to pass on the lessons they have learnt from their experiences in life and work. Their clarity is both startling in their simplicity, and moving. Great encouragement to all of us that it is possible to find meaning and passion in our work. If only we dared to look.

I loved the fact that this book is not about telling you some secret 12-step process to fix everything. What is does is provide a considered selection of personal anecdotes for the reader to distil their own revelations from. A thoroughly enjoyable and illuminating read.

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What is Your Life's Work?: Answer the Big Question about What Really Matters...and Reawaken the Passion for What You Do