‘We’, ‘Our’, ‘Eicolab’, and ‘Eidesign’ means Eidesign Pty Ltd; a registered Australian company (ACN 076 488 401, ABN 71 076 488 401). Eicolab (BN98230313) is a trading name wholly owned by Eidesign Pty Ltd.

This document sets out our privacy policy relating to the storage and use of information you have provided or we have generated in the course of working with you.

You are agreeing to these terms when you communicate with us and/or commence working with us.

We have a blanket non-disclosure practice. Everything we discuss will remain private between us. The only third parties who can access this information will be subcontractors with whom we have reciprocal non-disclosure agreements, or law enforcement agencies with the appropriate court orders.

We will keep all communications with you private, except where such communications occur in a public forum or service like Twitter or the comments section of our websites.

We do not use spam mail or cold-call phone calls to solicit business.

Our websites do not collect or store information that can be used to identify you as an individual. We do use cookies on our websites to enable anonymous service usage tracking.

We do not use third party agencies that will ask you for private or security-related information like bank account details or passwords.

We may use your project/case as a case study. If we do so, we will take all reasonable care to obscure and de-identify any personal information or details that may reasonably enable someone to identify you.

We do not audio or video record any of our engagements without your explicit consent.

We do take notes in meetings and sessions. Such notes include writings, sketches, drawings, and photographs of any original whiteboard material.

Contact details, project information (including materials you supplied), and notes we have taken during meetings and sessions are stored on password-protected/encrypted information systems.

We do not offer an archive and retrieval or file storage service. It is your responsibility to keep backups of any material you sent us, and of any material we send you.

You may request a copy of any recordings, notes, and other files related to your project/engagement within one year from the end of our last engagement. We will provide such information – where we still have them on record and they are accessible – to you within a reasonable timeframe. We reserve the right to charge you for our time and any file-transfer costs incurred.

Third-parties may have access to your information in the following situations: (a) The party is an legitimate provider of business services such as cloud storage, appointment booking, email transmission, and payment processing; or (b) The party is law enforcement or the courts with a legal subpoena.