Webinar: Non-artistic Creativity in Therapy

Seeking participants for my PhD research

Webinar: Engaging Men in Therapy - What the Literature Says

Creativity in therapy

Three brain modes


Three stages to mastery

The psychology of pricing

Five problem types (that I work with)

How men experience counselling: research identified themes

My problem-solving method 2022

A glossary in everday language

Successive approximation in psychotherapy and design thinking

Accessible and usable knowledge


My Zettelkasten KMS input and output

Zettelkasten note taking

Risk assessment and prevailing social narratives

Conspiracism: likelihood and loci of change

Cognitive styles that perpetuate conspiracism

Existing beliefs that predict conspiracism

Individual conditions that predispose conspiracism

Situational desires that predict conspiracism

Design Thinking over 15 years

Seeking research participants in Australia