One unexpected downside of using my phone to take notes in lectures is when the lecturer thought I was on my phone and not paying attention!

One of them raised the issue directly with me one day b(which was a good thing.) I showed them my notes. And they said, “Oh…” They had assumed I was on Facebook instead of using the phone for a bona fide learning purpose.

Smart pens (the ones that can record audio and sync it with written notes) are banned from many board meetings. This ban applies to the presence of these devices, regardless of whether the owner is actually using the audio recording function.

People see what they want to see. I have had a fair share of (generally older) fellow bus passengers giving me disapproving looks for… reading on my phone. Many of them had books, too. Because they assumed I must have been engaging in other, less acceptable, activities.

Much as I strive to care less about what other people think in general living, there is merit in managing the perception of select others. Like lecturers, clients, and business colleagues. Now, whenever I pull my phone out in class or in a meeting, I make a point of saying “taking notes.” Or I use a tablet PC.

Do you use your phone to take notes (text, photo, audio) at work? How do you manage the perception of those around you?