In the age of Wordpress and other cheap and easy content management systems, we should not forget the humble index.html file.

You can build one with nothing more than Notepad. It is a fast way to get a simple web page up; such as one with your logo and contact details. Think of this as the digital equivalent of the “Back in 5 min” sign on shop doors.

You may want to do this as soon as you register a domain name, while you are planning your website development. You don’t have to wait until your site is up to tell the world about your business.

An index.html page can also be a god-send when something goes really wrong with your website. With FTP access, anyone can quickly put up a temporary notice in the right locations on your site, and stop users accessing certain parts of the site. This is not a secure solution by any means, of course. But this can be a better experience for customers.