A bank is necessity a conservative, cautious, slow to react or change organisation. That is their DNA, tied in with their business requirements and industry identity.

Who would go to a bank that is on the cutting edge; where chaos, uncertainty, and bleeding occurs?!

And yet that is precisely what happens in innovation. Chaos, uncertainty, with real possibilities of bleeding.

What sort of questions could a bank ask around innovation? The sort of questions that steps to create order, certainty, predictability. Questions around returns on investment, cost, profit projections, and so forth.

These are the very questions that will stymie and retard innovation if asked to early in the process!

You cannot come up with an out-of-the-box-concept when you have “how are we making money off this, and how soon” hanging over your head all the time. You cannot contemplate taking risks when you are also engaging in risk mitigation. Instead, you would do something safe, with precedent; like making yet another remake of a previously successful movie.

Conservative financial strategies have their place. And that place is not in the creation process. A bank can help with questions – once you have moved out of the innovation phase and are about to implement a fleshed-out idea.

(And yes, i know this is an ad made up by an ad agency where buzzwords rule over substance and depth. Not something to be contemplated with any rigour...)