On a whim I connected my Thinkpad USB Traveller keyboard to my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 again recently. I haven't done this since I bought the USB OTG cable over a year ago, Guess what? It still just worked!

The phone detected both the trackpoint and the touchpad on the keyboard, bringing up a mouse pointer whenever either of those were touched. The mouse pointer lets me precisely position the cursor; more so than by touch alone.

The onscreen keyboard was automatically disabled and didn't pop up. So I get to see and use the entire screen.

The volume up/down buttons, arrow keys, page up, page down, home, end and delete keys all worked. Shift-arrow keys or shift-home/end to select text worked. Ctrl-C, X , V to copy, cut and paste all worked; even Ctrl-Z to undo! Bliss.

Maybe I’m showing my age - but I still get a thrill when something just works.

Are you designing your product and services to just work? What are the reasonable contexts where your customer can expect something to just work?