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Seriously Apple -- where did you put the charging port for your “magic” mouse now?

You do know this means the mouse cannot be used while it’s recharging right? And when that battery eventually wears out and stops charging, the mouse will not be usable as a wired mouse either.

Is this a cynical way to increase mice sales? After all, a modern mouse these days has no moving parts and will typically last years and decades, well beyond the lifespan of a rechargeable battery. By adding a sealed-in battery and placing the port just so Apple has effectively shortened its lifespan.

Is it because of looks? They Apple is prioritising looks over functionality; more befitting of a fashion brand than a long-respected champion of industrial design.

Or maybe this is all about thinking different. Every mice has a cord out the back, so we will make ours come out the bottom. Because what? Bloodymindedness?

And then there is this awkward method of charging the Pencil:

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Design is a necessary balance of different constraints. How a designer prioritises these constraints and considerations can reveal the intent of the design activity. I think Apple is becoming increasingly fashion-oriented; which makes sense from a market niching point of view.