Do you treat others better than you treat yourself? Do you forgive others more easily, even as you demand more from yourself?

Do you put off doing something that needed doing because you didn't feel like it?But if your clients were to request the same thing you'd get onto it right away?

For those of us who are in the service business, who care about doing a good job, and doing right by our clients, it is all too easy to slip into this unbalanced state where our actions value others more than we do ourselves.

What if we learn to treat ourselves as well as we treat others? What if we learn to treat our businesses as well as we treat our clients' businesses?

This may mean we make decisions for our business more rationally. We do what is needed more often; not what we feel or don't feel like. If I were a third party business manager for my business, what would I do that I am not doing now?

Images: Balancing via Shutterstock.