blinded by assumptions

We all know: assumption is the mother of fuck-ups. Our beliefs and assumptions can stop us from seeing a situation clearly.

Assumptions and delusions are different from the gut-feel intuition that has been honed over time for experience and sceptical analysis. People who severely lack self-awareness or empathy are prone to operate from assumptions or delusions rather than reality.

When an organisation uses a hollow marketing narrative as their raison d' ĂȘtre, they set up an inauthentic artifice that perpetuates incongruence, limits self-awareness and hampers genuine reflections (and thus organisational learning.)

Empty promises or ego-driven, vainglorious boasts can sound very good especially when it costs a tidy sum. But they colour our perceptions of situations. When we cannot clearly perceive a challenge, or clearly understand our true abilities, we cannot hope to respond effectively. When we cannot authentically represent ourselves, we cannot hope to form and sustain productive partnerships.

When subscribe to unchecked (and runaway) self-con, we can fall into the justifications trap. Instead of listening to understand, we start listening to defend and justify our self-righteous actions. We start living in a "we are always right" fantasy; which inevitably never last as long as we think it should.

Image: Blinded by assumptions via Shutterstock.