phone-writingMy blogging behaviour has changed somewhat in response to a recent project that necessitated an almost-daily commute into the city.

I write on the train and bus now, using my phone (Swype keyboard FTW), and storing drafts on Google Drive. The previous half a dozen or so posts were written this way. (@Google: offline editing on my phone soon please.)

Why the phone? So I can write with one hand while standing up!

Instead of the fairly linear process of draft to final, I now work on multiple posts concurrently. I pick and choose whichever strikes my fancy on a given journey; jumping between posts and adding bits here and there.

When a post feels sufficiently complete, I move it into a "finished" folder. The whole lot is synced to my laptop. I do a final review there when Inext get a moment before uploading to my site.

It is interesting how over time, coherent trains(!) would appear organically, despite the ad hoc scatter gun approach.

Maybe this is the writing equivalent of consuming Twitter feeds? Where scattered snippets eventually coalesce into a larger, more comprehensive picture; all in their own time.

Do you blog? How do you do it?