Do you use a pen-based tablet or tablet PC to replace pen and paper in meetings?

I've been looking out for a practicable way to electronically capture a combination of drawings, handwriting, and handwriting-recognised-text for a while now.

The recently released Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet look promising, as does the Microsoft Surface Pro, and Lenovo's ThinkPad Helix. The Samsung offering is particularly attractive given the small size and price, although the softwar lacked the maturity of Microsoft's OneNote.

Then it occurred to me that none of these devices are right for me just yet. And pressing something not-quite-ready into service (while pretending it is oh so well suited) fort the fun of it is not exactly my modus operandi. "Serious" writing on an iPod anyone?!!

Maybe it's time to go the other way. Big paper. Big pens. Big flourishes. I'm thinking A3 paper and fat markers!

That would be very transparent indeed during meetings. Like a portable whiteboard!

Do what works, right?