Political inclinations aside, I found this video is thought provoking and funny.

There is a belief that all of us are born onto a level playing field. We then, primarily through our choices, steer our lives upwards or downwards from that position. If we do well, we have truly earned all the rewards by our own efforts. If we don’t do well, we only have ourselves to blame and should not look to anyone for help.

To the more enlightened, this is clearly a simplistic black and white, cause and effect way to look at the world. We do not function as islands. Who we are and the outcomes of our efforts are affected by others around us, the prevailing social, education, and political trends.

Similarly, businesses don’t all start off on a level playing field. Some are built from scratch amidst challenging situations and fight to survive each day. Others like Telstra for example are spun off fully fledged and fully funded from the government.

This is worth bearing in min when it comes to personal and corporate social responsibilities. Those who benefit more from society has an obligation to contribute more to its wellbeing.