"The study by the Inspire Foundation has found mental illness in young men costs the Australian economy $3.3 billion a year. ... Australia loses ... 9.5 days per person - each year ..., and the cost to business was around $237 million a year due to extra leave taken..."

Clearly there is a real bottom line incentive (if nothing else) for businesses to seriously address this issue.

From an innovation standpoint, good mental health is paramount to effectiveness, resilience and agility. Think of the last time you found yourself working in a stressful, unsupported or downright toxic workplace or work relationship. How creative were you then? How able were you to make good decisions and respond productively to challenges? And how did it FEEL?!! Did it affect your life outside of work? Your relationships?

As long as mental health, happiness, and emotions remain taboo topics in the workplace, businesses and people will continue to pay the price. Talking about productivity and innovation is just about moot if we cannot even get the basics like mental health right.

"... that suicide remains the leading cause of death for young men" remains an appalling fact in Australian society today.

If you are in distress over any issue, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14, 24-7 Australia-wide.

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