"I've used both razors, and they're exactly the same, just differently colored, packages, gendered, and therefore, priced. Brought to you by Cold Storage, Singapore." -- Vernie Oliveiro in a post on her Facebook page recently with the above picture.

Same product, same function, different colour and packaging. Pink ink must be more expensive!

But seriously, this has to epitomise the dodgy practice that is the creation of an illusion of choice. I question whether changing the packaging and colour constitute "reasonable" value-add and real differentiation. I seriously doubt it. Nothing more than another cynical attempt at "if they will pay it we can charge it."

And the scary thing is - people clearly fall for this! Either consciously or unthinkingly.

The same thing probably happens in reverse when it comes to marketing cosmetics to men. Want the exact same product in a masculine black package? Pay more! Does anyone know?

Is this just "harmless" marketing?