Commenter LaeMing made this great suggestion on this article about the latest internet censorship craziness in India:

We need a knew 4xx internet error code: "This region's Government is broken, please try again after [the] next election."

But seriously, there is so much that is not right about this Indian law it is bordering on ignorance writ large. And I am not even talking about the lofty ideal of free speech.

This is like making the post office open all our letters and magazine subscriptions, and then summarily throwing certain ones away before they got to us, all because someone was offended by certain words and concepts.

And yet still, lawmakers and politicians (including ones in Australia!) just seem not to get it. Or they do but prefer to pander to the noisy bits of their constituents…

Meanwhile, how do I go about getting this new Error 444 code enshrined?