When we transplant a passion to achieve something, the drive to make some change, into a business context, do we end up poisoning it?

Business-as-conventional is still primarily, if not solely, focused on profit making. And that can get in the way of doing the “right” thing.

Many businesses like and actively leverage the power of “cause-based” marketing. Instead of a mere mission statement, businesses are encouraged to have more emotion-laden, passionate causes. Because these can potentially build more powerful connections with the punters.

But time and time again we see causes diluted or thrown out in the name of profit.

In the West, the Dove brand is synonymous with their brilliant women’s self esteem cause. And yet at the same time, they sell whitening products in Asian (and presumably other we-all-want-to-be-white) countries.

Making a difference may mean sometimes making decisions that are opposite to profit. But that is of course not seen as a “good” business decision.

What do you think? Is this just marketing/advertising and I should stop expecting brands to have more integrity? Or can we demand better?