Business is a tool. A means to an end. Business (the exchange of value between parties) is a human activity. There is nothing inherently right or wrong about this activity.

It is also an end in itself. The waters of judgement get muddier (bloodier!) when we start divorcing our humanity from the activity. When we create systems that let greed run amok (sweat shop manufacturing), when we ruthlessly exploit and perpetrate certain beliefs (whitening creams), and when we use monetary wealth as the primary, overriding measure of a person (or other natural resource).

Many creative, ethical, and good people are suspicious of the practice of business. They perceive business as an inherently dog-eat-dog unethical activity (not totally unfounded as business can tend to attract and reward sociopathic behaviour.)

If we can humanise business – make it a more accessible tool that anyone can use to further their own causes and lives anyway they wish without conforming to blanket rules like the overriding profit and growth motives – we can enable a larger portion of the population.

You don’t have to use endlessly growth or money as your main measures of success. There are as many different ways to do business as there are individual values and ethics. You don’t have to be ruthless and cold-hearted to be in business!

Sacrilege? You bet!

A positive revolution for humanity? Hopefully…