This post was inspired by the first comment on my post about Deloitte’s Seven Signals.

A company’s culture has a direct effect on its productivity, operational cohesion, brand differentiation, and ability to innovate (or to minimise deviance and maximise stability).

A culture programme is a formalised way to instil and perpetuate a culture. It does act as a pre-selection filter for potential new recruits. But it is not guaranteed to select new recruits with perfect fit. Because the indoctrination and assimilation process must necessarily take time, actual time spent in the organisation. The longer you live the culture, the more likely you will absorb it. If you don’t fit, you’ll find out very soon in the process.

Thus the ability of a culture programme to select only new hires with the perfect fit cannot be a meaningful judge of its success.

So what are the possible measures of a successful culture programme?

Can you think of more?