By striving to imitate the conventional big, we imagine less.

We give our spontaneity and gut-feel go-get away, as trade for the shackles of committee group-think.

We stop being who we truly are, and take on instead some consensus malleable values; values designed to be bland, inoffensive, and hence undifferentiated.

We learn to project this fake infallibility against our best social judgement, to never apologise or take responsibility.

(And then we make ourselves do this “social media” nice-nice thing so our organisation can appear to “get it.”)

We learn to be suspicious of others, to prioritize backside covering over doing our best.

We ache for excitement and newness, but want someone else to take all the risks and blame.

Striving to imitate the conventional big appears to be the death of beauty, meaning and humanity. And for some reason this is attractive…