Harvey Norman is a chain of electric/electronics retailer in Australia, Singapore and elsewhere. Similar to Best Denki in Japan, Merlin in Sweden, and Future Shop in Canada. These are all techy geeky warehouse shops.

Ikea is also very much a warehouse shop. But their difference is in the experience design. Customers can see, feel, touch, and aspire to Ikea’s products in showrooms that make it easy to imagine what it would be like to have these things in their own homes. Ikea also have fun, accessible catalogues, and in-store restaurants.

Harvey Norman sells coffee machines. So why not keep a few running all the time? Get that some of that coffee aroma going to attract customers? In the kitchen ware department, partner with some kitchen fit-out company to really show me how to visualise your appliances in a dream kitchen. Get some of that freshly baked bread smell happening.

TV manufacturers are increasingly resorting to decorative elements in an attempt to differentiate their same-same products. So why not have a set of moving walls so I can see how that pretty TV would look against different coloured walls?

And for crying out loud, TURN DOWN THE BLOODY VOLUME. I would like to admire my potential new fridge without being deafened by some mangled Muzak or the noise-track of some Armageddon epic. And turn off some of those dreadful overhead fluorescent lamps. I don't want a tan or get cataracts while shopping for an iron...