The questions below, which are by no means exhaustive or definitive, are guides to analyse each stage of a project.

The two columns on the right remind us to be aware of, and solve for, both the technical and people aspects of problems.



What is the problem?
Who is affected?

Who will use the final solutions?

What needs to be solved first?

What are the must-haves vs the nice-to-haves?

What are the indicators of success?


What are the possibilities?
Is there any precedence?

Within your own experience/industry.

Other people and other industries.

Planning & Direction Setting

What is the plan?

What do we want to achieve, how, and by when?

What could change, or go wrong?
How do we execute?
What resources do we need?

Staying on Course & Responding to Change

How are we progressing?

Are we still on course?

Is everyone still in agreement?

What has changed?
How do we accommodate changes?

Delivery & Training

Does the final outcome meet the requirements?
Do users understand and know how to use the solution?
How does the solution work with other aspects of the organisation?

Review, Learning & Improvement

What have we done well?
What could we improve?

What would we do differently the next time?