It always disturbs me that the wackiest, most out-there product ideas I come up with in casual conversations (with and without alcohol), someone else has not only thought of, but is actually selling right at that moment.

Recent examples are: Cosmetic surgery for pets, sex dolls for pets, and weight-loss pill for pets.

Are these signs of an indulgent and spoilt society (of which I am inescapably entrenched)?

Free non-product idea: Canned air from exotic locations like the Himalayas or the middle of the Pacific. You can buy Regular or Oxygen-enriched versions. As we bottle the ultra pure mountain air, our diesel-powered bottling and oxygen extraction plants and trucks will spew forth tonnes of pollutants into the pristine environment. But our short term profit projections are great and we have investors lining up… Oh wait, is some already selling this? Probably.

How about a doll made after a little girl who was murdered by her own mother? Wait – that one’s real!

Am I being nasty and cynical now?

Where do we, if we can, draw the line? Do we need to draw the line?

And yes, there's more: anal bleaching (brown is so last century), ecstasy ring tones (a moan a day keeps the blues away), feng sui for websites (geography-free geomancy), lose weight for Jesus (do it for someone more worthy)...