In the ongoing, embarrassing, simplistically reactive and hyper-myopic "discussion" about censoring the Internet, Australian Communications Minister Stephen Conroy recently let on that he expects ISPs to actively monitor the activity of all communications through their networks.

He expressed surprise and disgust that iiNet (one of the largest ISPs in Australia) did not know whether its subscribers were downloading music legally or otherwise through its networks. Clearly the man has no idea about privacy laws or indeed seemingly most things about his portfolio - either technical or human nature.

If ISPs are supposed to actively monitor, and determine the legality, of each an every one of their members activities, it follows that all telcos should also be made to do likewise. And let's not forget Australia Post and all courier companies. Maybe, as one of the commentators on the article suggested, even operators of restaurants and other public venues where people could gather to exchange potentially illegal (or seditious even - gasp!) ideas and conversations.

Senator Conroy appears to be clearly on some sort of fervent personal religious crusade that blinds him to any and all real expert advice, or any sense of reality. This is so weird to witness.

Sadly, it reflects extremely badly on the country and its leadership. Why would any government continue to have such a clearly clueless person in such a prominent position making such idiotic statements? Perhaps such farce is to be expected of politicians?

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