Further to my post about hyper-stimulated cinema patrons in Singapore – patrons who felt the uncontrollable urge to talk and text incessantly during movies – I have now discovered the exact same behaviour during a keynote speech at a conference!

At the ad:tech Singapore opening keynote this week, I had the misfortune of sitting in front of a man and a woman who simply would not stop talking on their phones as well as with each other. Loudly enough to compete with the speaker.

This was DURING a great keynote speech, where there were LOADS of great information and knowledge being shared. People were listening and taking notes.

Except for these two. Clearly they have more important things to do than listen and learn. And other people be damned.

So I shushed them. I hate having to treat other people as children. But it was either this or miss out on the keynote.

I bet they go out to family dinners with a portable DVD player for the children. Yes, this does happen.