No, I am not referring to some telecommunications technology. But rather the current outbreak of swine flu.

I am neither the first, nor will I be the last to raise this point: how long can we afford to continue denying the fact that we live on a tiny planet, that our actions here have implications there, and those implications can and do then come back to bite us?

We sit in our comfortable "developed" countries, busy concentrating the world's wealth, busy consuming cheap stuff (cos they're so cheap!), busy ignoring the real impact of our actions on those whoe produce this stuff. We are happy for "them" to sacrifice their lives, health and dreams; as long as we don't see it. After all, "they" are used to living life that way...

Is it any surprise that the latest nastiest batch of diseases always come from the very countries least able to afford basic healthcare and social infrastructure?

(Cue the anti-bacterial/anti-viral handwash and magic herbal prophylactic commercials...)