A very funny and pointedly thought-provoking post by Dave on the ethics around the Bratz dolls for young girls.

The comments are definitely worth a read.

When I first encountered these dolls a few years ago I was quite disturbed by them. Now I am hardly a prude by a long shot (just ask my friends!), but these dolls do seem to go hand in hand with the whole obsession we as a society have with the sexualisation of our children. WTF?!

To be fair, the up and coming Bratz movie does appear to feature more normal looking (ie much less sexualised) versions of these dolls (ie the actors). And it does seem to push a more positive "save the environment" message. At least that's what I got from the preview anyway. And no, I won't be seeing it.

Now go and have a good think about the product and services your business sells. And how you sell. How are you truly benefiting, or hurting your customers? Are you the Whorez of your industry?

(Image updated in May 2012 from the official Bratz website.)