yellowenvelope.jpgI received one of these today - despite the NO JUNK sign on my letterbox. I didn't think much of it until a quick look at their website seriously gave me the sh*ts. This is what they had to say:

"Unaddressed mail continues to be one of the fastest growing media channels in Australia and The Yellow Envelope is Australia’s most successful unaddressed mail media channel. As marketers seek increasing accountabilityin [sic] their media investment, The Yellow Envelope delivers the measurable resultsour [sic] clients demand..."

How about: Unaddressed mail continues to be a pain the backside for thousands of households and wastes precious resources in order to encourage us to buy more sh*t we don't need. How about some real accountability to the community and the environment?

yellowenvelopewebsite.jpgTheir website's crap by the way - spelling aside. The homepage looks like this on my initial visit. Naturally a "marketing company" has to have Flash on its website (I have Flash Blocker because most Flash content tends to be annoying crap).

What's even more pathetic is that their contact details appear as a graphic, with no alt text. Not only can't you copy and paste their address into your contacts, you can't even search for it as it is un-indexable by search engines. (I wonder if they also do online marketing or search engine optimisation...)

Anyway, I posted the envelope back to them:

Horizon Media - Junk & Spam Division
Level 1, 11 Grosvenor Street
Neutral Bay NSW 2089