I was in my local Kmart today to get a lightbulb. It struck me, as I wandered the aisles, that (a) their selection of cat toys is seriously wanting, and (b) there is a unique Kmart smell.

What is this smell? I put it down to a mixture of fresh sawdust, plastic, and poo. Not exactly unpleasant, but distinctively distinct. In comparison, Target has a stronger clothing/fabric note, with a hint of coir matting (or was it sisal?).

Our sense of smell is often an overlooked channel of “communications”, a missed opportunity for experience-creation. Not that it is that relevant to virtual businesses despite the brief interest in USB-smell-generators you could hook up to your PC.

If you have a sticks and dung* business, what does your business premises smell like? Can you use smell (subtly please!) to add to the experience of your business?

* An attempt at internationalisation, and of course to continue the poo thread… So sue me.