Glenn Kelman said on Guy Kawasaki's blog on entrepreneurship:
"It'll always be hard work. Most start-ups find an interesting problem to solve, then just keep working on it. At a recent awards ceremony, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer tried to think of the secret to Microsoft’s success and could only come up with “hard, hard, hard, hard, hard, work.” This is an obvious cliche, but most entrepreneurs remain fixated on the Eureka! moment. If you don't believe you have any reliable competitive advantage, you're the kind of insecure person who will work your competition into the ground, so keep working."

It brought to mind the number of times people have asked me this question over the years: "So how do I set up a really great and cool business where I don't have to do anything, and the money just keeps rolling in." Hell, I have even fantasised about this myself!

The reality is, this is impossible. You want to build something worthwhile? You gotta put in the work.

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