"The business people whose insights I value mostly think that business is complex, that there are few universal recipes for success, and explain that much of their time is spent gently coaxing the best from people. Such entrepreneurs do not make it onto the small screen. Those who appear on television are, of necessity, people with outsized personalities who exude confidence and possess a talent for one-line answers." John Kay in Shallow lesson of business books.

This really resonated with me.

Perhaps there are two intentions and two paths - you can genuinely care about doing a good job for your clients; or you can focus on creating a celebrity status for yourself. One is a client service role; the other is a self promotion role. Maybe the two can't mix?

Television finds an even more unrepresentative sample of those who have made it in business. ... That is how Sir Alan Sugar and Donald Trump become the public face of business. It propagates the idea that the main quality required is aggression. This emphasis is misleading for those who want to go into business, and reinforces the prejudices of those who are instinctively hostile to it.

Hah!!! No wonder that many good people are put off the idea of “being in business”. If business were all about aggression and profit-at-all-costs, I wouldn’t want any part of it.

From Johnnie Moore's post Shallow lessons....