I just read this uplifting and thought-provoking article on ODE Magazine: Pulling themselves up by their keyboards by Lex Veldhoen.

I found the following bits particularly interesting and worthy of further meditation:

  1. "...the World Bank had calculated ... that every computer acquired by companies in developing countries creates more jobs and raises productivity..." -- To all those companies who regularly upgrade their hardware, have you consider donating them to companies in developing countries? This would be a great way to build connections with and support an off-shore partner. And it would make a great CSR initiative.
  2. "...if the division between “haves” and the “have nots” changes into a division between those with knowledge and those without, then we’ll be on our way to global co-operation and peace." -- It is not what you have but what you know! You can't take knowledge by force or coercion; true knowledge transfer is only possible in an environment of trust and respect.
  3. “...you don’t have to teach everything, ... Education should come from the inside, not the outside.”

Some keywords/tags are: Learning by experimentation, grassroots seducation, self-directed learning, having more confidence in the ability of children to take initiative, it doesn't take advance technology or teaching programmes to enable powerful learning, the bridging of the digital divide can be achieved, the positive implications of knowledge as the new currency.

Thanks to Cindy for pointing me to ODE Magazine.